If you think you may have e-asthma, you may benefit from a referral to an asthma specialist14

Respiratory physicians are specialists in asthma management. A simple blood test can help them determine if you have high levels of eosinophils.2-4

Respiratory physician

Respiratory physicians specialise in helping people with breathing problems, like e-asthma


If you don’t currently see a specialist for your asthma, your GP may refer you to one.5,6,13,14

Talk to your doctor

  • Book an appointment to see your doctor about your asthma
  • Ask if you should have a blood test to check your eosinophil levels

Download a checklist of questions to help guide a discussion with your doctor about e-asthma.



Create a Lungprint to understand your asthma

Complete a questionnaire that will help you and your doctor gain a better understanding of your individual experience with asthma.